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2013 NCAA Field Hockey Championships Fancam

It was cold and damp on November 19 in Norfolk Virginia. The two best Division 1 College teams met there to determine the champion. Before the game started, I got this 360 degree panorama of the players as they were introduced to the bundled-up fans. Click on the picture to see it work!

2013 Field Hockey Championship Fancam

2013 Field Hockey Championship Fancam

The 2014 Kings Highway Portrait Gallery!

Click here to order this years King’s Highway School Chorus cast photos!

Kings Highway School 2014 Chorus cast photos

Kings Highway School 2014 Chorus cast photos

The Army Ten-Miler Race Cam

Last weekend I had the honor to be asked to shoot the Race Cam image at The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. The event was the Army Ten Miler race — 30,000 military, friends, family, and civilians came out this beautiful morning to run 10 miles through Arlington and D.C. My job was to capture as many of them as I could in a single (and huge) image.

This is not just a photograph — it’s a interactive 360 degree view of the race start, as well as the pentagon and surrounding area, as well as the Army Parachute squad overhead. The image is made up of about 300 different frames taken over the course of a few minutes. Click on the image to see the whole view.

Special thanks to Patty and the gang the Navy Federal Credit Union for making this possible. They want to get the word out that the NFCU is not just for Navy — members of all military branches and their families are eligible to join.

Special thanks to to the gang at Fancam for inviting me and for compositing all my images into the interactive application you see here! Thanks too to Corey and the gang at Replay Photos for making it easy!


Oh, yeah… I got to drive this thing around. It’s kind of a cross between a gocart and a 3 story elevator. This one is in the ‘up’ mode. My friend Howard had his in the down mode — that’s it in the upper background. Howard gave me the lessons on how to operate this beast.

Your New Year’s Resolution: Take a photo class!

© 2012 Aaron Johnson. Used with permission. (thanks Aaron!) www.whattheduck.com

As many of my friends know, my friend Brian Schmitt and I have been teaching workshops in my Westport studio. They are very popular — and both students and instructors learn a lot!

Starting Monday night, January 21, from 7pm to 9pm, Brian and I are going to teach a Digital Photography Workshop. We are going for 5 weeks, at my studio overlooking the Saugatuck River on Riverside Ave in Westport.

We are going to limit the class size to just 12 students.

This workshop is best for people that have a digital camera with interchangeable lenses, who know they they need to ramp up their skills to get the best pictures possible. We’ll start with the basics, but we are going to move very fast into advanced stuff. And we are going to be looking at pictures. My pictures, Brian’s pictures, and, hopefully, your pictures. There is something to be learned from every picture.

Having photographed both professionally and personally for many years Brian and I know the kinds of pictures strike a chord. So, in the course of the class, we’ll…

  • – learn how to get better sports pictures
  • – learn how to get better family vacation photos
  • – and, some secrets of good portraits (it’s easy!)
  • – practice with a model under studio lights

How much? $145 for all 5 sessions. This is an introductory price, so by the time it comes around next time, the price will likely be higher. And, if for any reason you don’t think its a great value, then you’ll get a full refund!

Please call me or send an email to let me know your interest. (203) 858-6611 [email protected]


P.S. If you miss some of the sessions, no worries, you’ll still get the handouts, and you can still ask questions — so don’t let a prior commitment stop you from taking this workshop!

P.P.S … we have other workshops in the works geared to processing your digital images on your computer. So, stay tuned for more on that.

Staples Field Hockey — hundreds of new pictures cataloged and posted

I’ve attended a bunch of field hockey games this fall. It’s a great sport. It has broad worldwide appeal, but no so much in the US. It makes sense I’d shoot some pictures — and make the pictures available to the families and fans of the community…


Nice game, nice game, nice game...

All the girls on the team are pretty much used to me on the sidelines taking pictures. That’s what makes pictures like this happen…


I’ve shot a lot of pictures at these games. A few of them end up on Facebook, and some end up getting published in the Westport News. But most have stayed locked up in my computer. Until now.

This last week, i’ve gone through them all. I picked the 1200 best. They are all organized by game, and almost all are tagged with the players’ names so they can be searched. Then I went through them again, and again, to put together a slide show for end-of-season banquet. I got the number down to 600 for the slide show, but all 1200 up on my e-commerce site people can search, enjoy, and buy prints if they so choose. (Print sales, by the way, raise money for the Staples Field Hockey Booster Club — to pay for the many things the program does that the school can’t pay for.)


Slight uniform change today.... pink socks.

I’ve been watching my daughter grow and play for some years now. She is now a Senior, as well as one of the captains of her amazing team at Staples High School. This will be her final week playing for Staples as her team competes in the State Championships, after winning the prestigious Fairfield County conference championships — and the road to that victory meant ending Darien High School’s 92 games in a row without a loss. She’ll go on… planning on playing club hockey in the winter and spring, then off to play Division 1 hockey next fall. I’m so proud!


So, go to the store site here: store.ronhiner.com, and enjoy. Buy some prints, support the program.